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C JEAN Haute Couture & Ready to Wear Series

C JEAN 23AW Belief

與百歲工藝大師王清霜合作,將王清霜老師的漆藝作品轉譯為高級訂製服裝,在台北時裝週台南代天府呈現C JEAN之工藝精神。 Collaborating with Master Craftsman Qing-ShangWang , who is renowned for his century-old craftsmanship, C JEAN presents the artistry of Wang's lacquer works translated into exquisite bespoke garments at Taipei Fashion Week's Tainan Showcase, demonstrating the essence of craftsmanship.

C JEAN 23SS Form

以「FORM」為概念核心,融合自然元素與建築幾何線條,將大自然中的蜂巢、香菇菌褶、鸚鵡螺、蜘蛛網及海浪尖端的自然秩序與節奏表現作為質料,透過與建築幾何相互呼應的設計,以正裝系列呈現大自然秩序之美與人文社會秩序之美之連結。 C JEAN 23SS RTW大秀邀請製作人周延導演操刀製作,偕同國際極富盛名、穿西裝跳機械人舞的西裝大叔「 世界秩序WORLD ORDER 」成員與國際模特兒演繹,打造一場融合時尚流行、音樂、舞蹈、建築藝術的視覺饗宴。 With "FORM" as the core concept, C JEAN integrates natural elements and architectural geometric lines, incorporating materials inspired by nature's honeycombs, mushroom gills, conch shells, spider webs, and the rhythmic patterns of crashing waves. Through designs that resonate with architectural geometry, the formalwear collection presents the harmonious connection between the beauty of natural order and the beauty of human societal order. For the C JEAN 23SS RTW fashion show, renowned producer Yen Zhou directs the production, featuring members of the internationally acclaimed suit-wearing dance group "WORLD ORDER" and international models. This collaboration creates a visual feast that seamlessly combines fashion trends, music, dance, and architectural art.

C JEAN 22AW The Day After Tomorrow