Break is a study and reflection of the environmental changes in the Antarctica over the past few decades. The breaking up of sea ice, the retreat of glaciers, and the loss of ice mass are reference issues which transform directly or indirectly into narrative outfits and subtle details.

The collection comprises five explorations and series. The first, symbolic of cracking ice, is patterned leather layered on top of silk satin ombre printed with Southern Ocean imagery. The second is deconstructive garment with NASA satellite imagery of broken sea ice along the Antarctic Peninsula. The third is mathematically diminishing and divergent embroidered plexiglass with a printed drift ice pattern. The fourth is silk gazar cut out by condensing abstract ice floe shapes on reverse-colored Weddell Sea images; finally, the fifth is a manipulated melting iceberg pattern printed on pleated organza.

Geometric silhouettes and architectural accessories throughout the collection, influenced by Bernd and Hilla Becher, refer to man-made structures and depict the involvement of human activities.