C JEAN DESIGN is a fresh womenswear fashion brand, which has conceptual practice which incorporates a wide range of themes, including exploration of the fundamental meaning in clothing and transforming it into a reflection of the current world status. C JEAN DESIGN could be characterized by its focus  of the perception of various disciplines such as environmental awareness in the Antarctic and conflict controversies between nations, religious, politics, race, and territory.

Throughout the collections, C JEAN DESIGN embarks on critical reflection of current issues verily and also specializes in the details like form, pattern, and symbol, and combining these studies with explorations of structure and silhouette. C JEAN DESIGN presents collections featuring both narrative and modernity. C JEAN DESIGN has a bare and delicate quality that is underlined by the careful, minimalist placement of objects and her works refer to high-end fabrics, have meticulous detail, and  emphasize quality over fresh.