Emptiness is the collection about unwanted memories that is how we try to remove a feeling of bitterness, sadness or shame, we spin a story to cover it or to keep it secret. Those unwanted past experiences then become choreographed blank memories. However, repressed memories do not disappear. They can have an accumulative effect and reappear as unattributable anxiety or dysfunctional behaviour. Repressed memories may also resurface through subconscious means and in altered forms, such as dreams. 

The level of forgetting is repression. The mode of forgetting is emptiness.  Emptiness is a mode of perception, a way of looking at experience. It adds nothing to and takes nothing away from the raw data of physical and mental events. This project is trying to figure out the many different kinds of representations of our inner self; we have seen the paths mapped out by contemplatives as they journey toward their own centre or toward the ultimate reality. Thus, It is a journey with stories that engage with earnest subjects of discussion, including sexual abuse, relationship violence and cancer...etc. 

The aim of this project is to elevate our awareness of the female who is suffering or has ever suffered fear in the present or in the past, and moreover to encourage people to step forward instead of bearing though our second skin – clothing,  an emotional container which is capable of holding together different aspects of the personality.