C JEAN is an independent designer brand founded by UAL: University of the Arts London-London College of Fashion MA graduate C Jean (Chun-Yuan Jean) in London in 2017. C JEAN is pronounced as Xi-Jian in Chinese. It represents hope and simplicity. In Greek mythology, “hope” is the last thing left in Pandora’s box. When we have hope, we believe that positive things will happen, and C JEAN accomplishes this by simply returning her design to nature.


C Jean has exhibited and won praises for her MA works at the Royal Academy of Arts in London and Shanghai Fashion Week. Thereafter, she spent time at the studios of Alexander McQueen and Hussein Chalayan and worked as a designer for well-known designer brands in Taiwan. C JEAN’s works both in womenswear and in millinery have been published in Elle, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and other media. C JEAN’s designs explore stories of women and social issues, as well as contemporary art, architecture, and music. They are inspired by abstract metaphorical expressions of clothing and accessories. The contemporary contours and the Oriental introverted meticulous taste will bring these issues to positive light through tailoring, structure, and color. These designs make people reflect on issues and at the same time present unique brand traits. Chun-Yuan has presented her first collection 19SS-Movement In the Moment at Shanghai Fashion Week and also published her 19AW-Break collection in both Shanghai and Tokyo Fashion Week. She also has been invited by Shanghai International Fashion Federation to showcase her 19AW collection at the Fairmont Peace Hotel where is a landmark hotel in Shanghai for over 80 years.


The designs of C JEAN have been selected as designated costumes by the London Symphony Orchestra, and C JEAN has been one of the featured designers of the French fashion media WWD. C JEAN attaches importance to materials and tailoring. The simple lines represent contemporary women’s elegance and independence. Her designs are loved by artists, writers, and international brands. Clients include internationally renowned Taiwanese choreographer He Xiaomei, musician Ye Qingqing, Armani Beauty, and Mercedes-Benz, among others. C JEAN mainly uses environmentally sustainable, natural, but high-quality materials and develops its own fabrics in cooperation with China and Taiwan Textile Factory, and Thai Plant Dyeing Workshop. 

For C JEAN, creation is a discovery. Every design is created ici et maintenant, which is French for “here and now.” The feeling of “moment” is a beautiful coincidence. Without having a discovered heart, beautiful things will hardly be seen. C JEAN believes that the deepest meaning of design is its ability to express emotions, because emotions make this world a better place.