2019 autumn and winter series theme is "Break". In this season's work, designer Chun-Yuan Jean tries to reflect on the changes in the polar environment over the past few decades. The content of this series is about sustainability, but this situation is disappearing. The reason is that human beings are over-developed and causing environmental reversal. From the cracking glaciers to the fading of the ice caps, Chun-Yuan Jean designs crash through clothing lines in different colors and structures and presents a corresponding relationship with the changes of cloth and tailoring to showcase its details.

In cooperation with the textile mill, Chun-Yuan Jean uses recycled wool fiber to weave the fabric and develop its own style. It starts with the frozen white of the glacier, then enters the blue-white colors caused by the cracking ice. Then, the massive glaciers collapse as it appears to fall in the sea, the pattern and weave then create the design of the fabric.